Saturday, March 7, 2009


The basics

Who: communicator, humorist, journalist, observer, reflector
What: dalliances of a promiscuous mind
When: since 3/7/09
Where: Vegas, baby
Why: it's there, i can, i want to
How: scan, select, simplify, share

Who's this for?

Broadminded people with broadband Internet.
System Requirements: Adobe Flash, Curiosity & Consciousness.

When do you publish?

If at all possible, new posts appear around 1 am ET.

Why mono?

The nickname I'd caught in college as an overambitious freshman carried over to my first radio station. I took a stand (in a graffiti war) that you couldn't experience "true stereo" standing mid way between two bathrooms where both monitor speakers were playing exactly the same mono audio. It also means "monkey" in Spanish.

Why cheese?

Although author Ray Bradbury accepted me as a fellow creator of short fiction because I made commercials, much of my output would be problematic for the lactose intolerant. After all, from coast to coast, local media is filled with cheesy goodness.

Why factory?

Between 1882 and early in 2009, a branch of the family continuously operated a factory, making cheese in the woodlands of Vermont. I put that in past tense because they reluctantly suspended operation due to economic conditions of the global recession. It's like keeping the Olympic torch burning... Someone had to keep churning it out.

After a few months of down time, the original factory came back! They're still using the same family recipes which date back to 1824.

Why a blog?

Media starts with m-e, but doesn't end there. By nature blogs are egocentric, but not all egos are narcissistic.

I post, you comment, we work it out. Checks and balances.

Why a digest?

It's a chance to share stories or experiences I find funny, interesting, informative, or even maddening. It's 70's rock radio news guy meets the Osgood Files... Although the format of six posts per day became a standard for daily publication, the form of any individual post varies widely with the substance of the topic. And like Readers Digest, which my grandmother had us read because it pays to increase your word power, you quickly determine your own interests.

Why are some clips here and others in new windows?

Some sources allow or encourage their consumers to pass things along, and others don't lend themselves to embedding. Sending you to a new window lets you fully experience the link at length or depth, and easily return if you wish. Digital breadcrumbs.

Why do some media clips include commercials?

Clips are in the form they're posted by their originators. It's a direct pass through of content in its original form, including the originator's commercial, promotional or underwriting announcements.

Why can't I see or hear something now/anymore?

An element of this site may disappear if:

1) the source site has technical problems
2) the source site was shut down
3) the originator removed it

In general, sources for links & embeds are chosen because they maintain their sites as comprehensive archives, not libraries managing limited shelf space or newsstand racks with only the newest editions accessible.

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Have an opinion about something you saw or heard?

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Are all these A/V clips legal?

Yes. Sound or video included here has been made available for streaming or download by its originator, on their own websites or podcast. Acknowledgements identify sources & link to originators.

Are all these pictures legal?

That's harder to say. "Fair Use" under U.S. copyright law is my intent, but although I post in good faith, it's a complex area of law. Credits will be published if available where I found the image, or it will be gratefully credited if I can establish the source, or removed upon request once proof of authorship, as defined by the Bern Convention, is established. I apologize in advance for any slight or infringement of rights, but beyond that: it's non-profit and I'm judgment proof.