Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Week

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First, Do No Harm

Hippocrates Ignored In Horrific Exported Experient

Video: NBC

Street Legal Solar

Photo: John Terhune/Journal & Courier, Lafayette IN (click pic for article)
1978 Suzuki... Slightly Modified
Audio Embed: CBS Radio's Osgood File 10/1/10.

Riding High

Sign Language

It looks like English... But not quite.

Perhaps a remedial course is in order.

In 2007, Jeff Deck went on a mission to correct glaring errors on America’s public signs. Armed with markers, chalk and correcting fluid, Deck and fellow grammar warriors fixed signs across the country. Along the way, they encountered resistance, indifference, enthusiasm and even the long arm of the law. Deck and co-author Benjamin Herson speak about their new book “The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing the World, One Correction At A Time.”
Audio Embed: BBC, PRI & WBUR's Here & Now 10/1/10,
Host: Robin Young.

Read an excerpt... Proof that Edwin Newman lives!

Animal Act

OK Go - White Knuckles - Of the Blue Colour of the Sky (2010)

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Broken Gets Broken-er

Video: MSNBC

Bullying Out of Bounds

Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi, 18, committed suicide after a video revealing his sexuality was streamed on the internet. Byron Pitts reports on the link between gay bullying and suicide.

Video: CBS

By Michael Daly, New York Daily News

He lay in a black body bag at the end of the dock at the Columbia University boathouse... The cops began the task of determining if he was the Rutgers student who jumped off the George Washington Bridge last week after two tormentors used a hidden camera to live-stream his sex life.

The body looked about the right age and had clearly been in the water for a number of days.

The hair was the right sandy color though a little longer than in a photograph the police had on hand. A check of the pockets yielded no identification, but 18-year-old Tyler Clementi had left his wallet on the walkway before he leapt.

Too bad the cops could not have brought the tormentors out onto the dock and unzipped the bag and asked if this was the wonderful young man they pushed to the point he leapt.

There have always been cruel kids who like to pick on the vulnerable, but only recently have the tools of cyberspace given them such power.

They can shame and humiliate on a scale as big as the Internet itself. Bullying has no bounds. Viciousness can go viral.

Read more at the New York Daily News.
Audio Embed: All Things Considered 9/30/10,
Hosts: Robert Siegal & Melissa Block, Reporter: Joel Rose

Lawrence vs Levi

The booking seemed suspicious, and the line of questioning harsh... Until you realize the brilliance of what the host of "The Last Word" was up to with the once and would-be mayors of Wasilla, Alaska.

Video: MSNBC

Two dumbasses... One far more honest about what he doesn't know.


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Sex Sells

But Only Up To A Point

The agent took an aggressive posture toward his colleagues:
"Hey, if you think that most real estate agents can do all of the same things to sell your home or to assist you in buying the home you desire--you're right!

But most real estate agents don’t do all they can!"
And Rich had an unusual way of attracting attention to himself:

Richard Wanket is no longer employed by Edina Realty... The quote above came from a Google cache of a page since removed from the company's site, which sends all his former links to a search page.

Coming Again

And Going Away

Videos: ABC/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Origin Story

Dave tells Jon Stewart how his feud with Oprah originally began.

Video: CBS/Late Night With David Letterman

TEA and Crackers

How will TEA Party candidates fit in DC... And do they want to?

Video: MSNBC

Going, Going, Gone

Between a fifth and a quarter of all the world's plant species are endangered, critically endangered, or vulnerable to extinction.
The Widespread Threat To Everything
Audio Embed: CBS Radio's Osgood File 9/29/10.

Video: MSNBC

It's A Killer Commute

Astronomers found a planet orbiting a star just 20 light-years away whose temperature is neither too cold nor too hot to harbor life. Scientists have not directly observed water there, but the planet’s mass is enough to hold onto an atmosphere and to protect liquid water on its surface.
Gliese 581-g = Goldilocks?
Audio Embed: All Things Considered 9/29/10,
Reporter: Joe Palca.

Teenage Wasteland

Help! It's The Police!

A California motorcycle cop staged a fake arrest of a 15-year-old boy he believed had sex with his 14-year-old stepdaughter while the boy's parents YouTubed a cell phone video of the whole phony "bust"...
So who's really the A-hole, here?

Bieber, Skeezer, Geezer

Justin Bieber Found To Be Cleverly Disguised 51-Year-Old Pedophile

Videos: KNTV-11/San Jose, & The Onion News Network

You Are HERE

Number Houses by MMA Design

Architecture by Mitsutomo Matsunami of Osaka, Japan


She's Crazy... But You'll Like It

Live On Letterman 9/23/10 - Shakira sings "Loca" from her CD, "Sale el Sol."

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Buy Company, Buy Farm

Videos: CBS &

Campaign Conflicts

Democrats Divided

Another big interview in Rolling Stone... Is it a game changer, too?

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Left Behind - Paul Begala - 9/28/10
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California's Oil War

Big money calls the shots in the Golden State... Particularly with a billionaire boys club of out of state oil executives backing a campaign to undo the state's progressive stance on energy & environment.

Videos: Comedy Central & MSNBC

Tan, But No Plan

America, We Have A Problem... Or Millions

Voters are pissed. Victims of economic upheaval are starving for solutions. And what gets served up as a "Pledge To America"? Stale ideas, empty calories and cheap starchy filler... All spiced up with voodoo economics, a staple in the political pantry for 30 years, and voters who can remember 1968 might recall an aftertaste of Richard Nixon's "secret plan" to end the Vietnam War.

So... You buying anything from the same old used car salesmen?
Some Unproven Upstart Rookies
& A Plan To Be Named Later

Audio Embed: Dave Ross, KIRO-FM/Seattle, 9/27/10.

Turns out the current recession has much the same effect on incomes as prosperity... The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the gap between the two grows ever wider. Not all boats rise with the tide.
Some Will Run Aground
Audio Embed: CBS Radio's Osgood File 9/28/10.

Stevie Wonder - He's Misstra Know It All - Innervisions (1973)

Believe It, Or Not

God Only Knows Whatever "It" Is

America is the most religious industrialized country in the world, but a new survey finds that few Americans are well-informed when it comes to religion... Try taking the quiz yourself!

Laurie Goodstein reported on the study for The New York Times and Steve Prothero, professor at Boston University and author of "Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know-And Doesn't," helped create the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life study.
Questions Of Faith
Audio Embed: PRI & WNYC's program The Takeaway 9/28/10,
Hosts: John Hockenberry & Todd Zwillich.

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Yahweh or No Way - IHOP & Antonio Federici Ad - 9/27/10
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Sunny Side Up

Dutch artist Henk Hofstra served breakfast along the Zaailand – one of the Netherland’s largest open squares, in the northern city of Leeuwarden - with fried eggs for everyone in his May 2008 installation: “Art-Eggcident.”

Via Shape and Colour

Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead

Insanely Great Laughs

"The Mona Gorilla" by Rick Meyerowitz/National Lampoon's cover: March 1971
The Hey Day of the National Lampoon
Audio Embed: All Things Considered 9/28/10,
Host: Robert Siegel.

Read an excerpt!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Going Negative

With just five weeks before the 2010 midterm elections, candidates have turned to more and more advertisements which attack their opponents, leading to a nasty political landscape.

Video: CBS/Nancy Cordes

Smells Like Sex

Dogs have been trained to detect the smell of bed bugs, and now disrupting the pheremones the bugs use to smell each other may become a key to interrupting their population explosion.
Audio Embed: CBC Radio's Quirks & Quarks 9/25/10,
Host: Bob McDonald.

Katy Cleavage

Video: & Sesame Workshop, formerly Children's Television Workshop

Extra Innings

AP Photo/Charles Krupa
Filmmaker Ken Burns holds up a baseball prior to a ceremonial first pitch at Fenway Park, 9/21/10... Burns' latest baseball documentary, "The Tenth Inning," updates his 1994 epic and is scheduled to occupy all of PBS prime time tonight & Wednesday (9/28+29/10).
Audio Embed: All Things Considered 9/10/10.

Video: NBC

QWERTY Sneakers


From Sacha stores in the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany.


More complex character set yields a wrap- around version in Hong Kong

From Shoe Metro

Cloudy Future For Music

Harold Cook/Getty Images
Google and Apple are among the providers with ambitions to create a "cloud-based" music service. ATC's Melissa Block spoke to NPR reporter Laura Sydell about what that is, and what's coming next.
Wait 'Til Nest Year
Audio Embed: All Things Considered 9/27/10.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cyber Attack

Iran's Nuke Program Has Worms

A unique computer worm is targeting industrial software that may include computers used in Iran's nuclear power stations. Manuel Gallegus reports on the latest details of the cyber attack.

Video: CBS

Literary Louvre

Modern Collection

The Paris Review, arguably the world's most prestigious literary journal, recently finished digitizing all of their fiction and poetry author interviews. The collection, which features the world's best fiction and poetry authors of the second half of the 20th century, is archived by decade. You'll find Truman Capote, Aldous Huxley, Jack Kerouac, Robert Frost, Allen Ginsberg, Jorge Luis Borges, R. Crumb, Vladimir Nabokov, Ernest Hemingway, T. S. Eliot, William Faulkner, Garrison Keillor, Ken Kesey , Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and more!
Via Madame Lamb

America's New Normal

Times have changed, possibly forever, and we're living with a new economic reality many economists are starting to refer to as, "the new normal". What many people want to know is, how long will this "new normal" last? Correspondent Martha Teichner looks into it.

Video> CBS

Blown Out & Glassy

Would you believe "The King of Surf Guitar" comes from Boston Harbor? A place with plenty of water & not a decent curl in sight.
Dick Dale's musical influences come from a rather unconventional mix of sounds, including crashing waves, wild animal roars and folk songs from decades prior. Its from these sounds that he's crafted some of his most popular songs, many of which can be found on his new compilation album, Guitar Legend: The Very Best Of Dick Dale.
Audio Embed: Weekend Edition Sunday 9/26/10,
Host: Liane Hansen.


Step 1: make lamp. Step 2: shoot with shotgun. Step 3: sell lamp.

Shotgun Lamp from A Time To Get.

Psychedelic Electronic

Overcoming pop clichés and returning to a primitive sound was the key for (brief) Kraftwerk alum Michael Rother to find a new approach with "Neu" (literally new in German), and solo success.
Audio Embed: Echoes, an ambient music program on public radio with extensive archives of subscriber downloads.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gordon Gekko Returns


The 1987 film "Wall Street" captured the mood and attitude of the financial world of the 1980s. Will the sequel, "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps," become as iconic? Guest host Mary Louise Kelly and New York Times business columnist Joe Nocera compare and contrast the two movies.
Money Still Talks On The Street
Audio Embed: Weekend Edition Saturday 9/25/10.


GOP'S Pledge To America Takes A Right Cross

You'd expect left jabs, because nothing in it would appeal at all to Democrats... But House Republican leader John Boehner's two-point prescription for our economic ills: freeze current tax rates and cut government spending... Is taking hits from heavyweights on the right, too. Is a solution really that simple? Or is the gimmick that simplistic? To find out Guy Raz broke it down with Reagan era Office of Management and Budget director David Stockman.
The Party of No New Ideas
Audio Embed: All Things Considered 9/25/10.