Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Manny Francisco / Manila (Philippines) Times

Jimmy Margulies / The New Jersey Record

Marketplace Minute 09/03 from Marketplace on Vimeo.

Stuart Carlson / The New Jersey Record

Scott Stantis / Chicago (IL) Tribune

Clay Jones / The Freelance Star

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Prior to Friday's job numbers, and on the official day U.S. operations in Iraq changed, Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University offered thoughts on the true cost of both.

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Your Career Has Timed Out

While unemployment is worst for young people nationally, the situation is reversed in Silicon Valley.

High Tech places a premium on youth and puts older engineers into a job market that's a more like Hollywood... Beyond working cheap, it’s all about age and a career change may be needed before age 40.
Hitting The Silicon Ceiling
Audio Embed: APM's Future Tense 9/3/10, Host: Steve Henn.

Let There Be Controversy!

Should God be deleted from modern origin theories... A Big Bang without the Big Guy?

Although Professor Stephen Hawking had previously argued belief in a creator was not incompatible with science, in a new book he concludes the Big Bang was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics. The Grand Design, partially serialized in the London Times, says there is no need to invoke a supernatural creator to set the Universe going.
Redefine Time, Eliminate Creator
Audio Embed: BBC, PRI & WGBH's The World 9/2/10, Reporter: Alex Gallafent.

The Next Big Rally

A Colbert Crusade suggested by by ladiesfortruthiness on Reddit

Play Ball

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Are We Winning book by Will Leitch... Read an excerpt.

Manny Still Being Manny

But In Different Colored Sox

Many MLB division races are over, with playoff-bound teams ready to coast into October.

If your team is already waiting 'til next year, Bill Littlefield suggests you throw your support behind the Chicago White Sox and unpredictable slugger Manny Ramirez.
Another Team, Another Chance
Audio Embed: WBUR & NPR's Only A Game 9/4/10.

Penciled In

"Zipper" KPK Photography of Germany

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Great Debates

California is home to nearly 13% of all Americans. They're electing a senator this year, and the race neatly embodies the differences in electing a candidate of either major party.

Arizona is now the 14th most populous state, and with any state that's growing, there are voters that haven't had a lengthy exposure to local politics. Candidates for Governor met Wednesday... It was revealing.

The last time Arizona's voters selected a Governor, they voted to elevate their Democratic Attorney General to the post. They have the same option this year, should they use their (still attached) heads.

Crazy Discovery

And You Thought Mad Men Was On AMC

Who do we blame THIS time?

Audio Embed: Dave Ross, KIRO-FM/Seattle, 9/2/10.

Fried Beer

Guinness filled fried raviolis taste like beer & pretzels.
Amateur chef Mark Zable from Texas has a new culinary invention: fried beer. Zable says this is the first time anyone has successfully deep fried a liquid. He'll debut his fried beer at the Texas State Fair.
Boy Howdy! You Can Deep Fry Beer!
Audio Embed: Morning Edition 9/2/10, Host: Steve Inskeep.

Video: CBS/Late Night with David Letterman

Virtual Love Story

The Game of Love, Japanese Style

A popular Nintendo DS game, "Love Plus," creates "relationships" between creepy male geeks and attention whore anime cartoons.

Video: CBS

Pet Lovers, Nose Holders

For some reason, my mom said cats of this color were "lemon cats."

I thought they were closer to another kind of citrus, but when a friend sent along pictures of the new feline roomie and it, too, was orange, I decided to look up the term. And according to Google there are two predominant kinds of "lemon cat"...
Neither of which looks anything like the cat my family had, the one my friend recently acquired, or the window kitty who scrutinizes every pilgrimage to my building's trash dumpsters with envious longing.
The Pet Shop Boys
Audio Embed: Berger & Prescott, podcast via Facebook.

You're Doing It Wrong

If You're Turning Anyone On

Shake Weight inventor Johann Verheem claims the company wasn't trying to be suggestive in the infomercial at all—and that the motion isn't that dirty if you follow the proper instructions.

Ubiquitous commercial queen Erica Shaffer shakes it like a pro.

SNL Has Other Ideas

Or You Can Mix Drinks

The Cars from their 1981 album of the same name.

Economics Lesson

A Madrid mural by BLU photographed by Alberto de Pedro.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mixed Reviews

Glenn Greenwald: "Nobody Could've Known" is BS

A article blows the whistle on the recurring tactic for politicians and pundits to shirk responsibility for their past positions claiming "nobody could have known then that this would have happened". Actually, yes, anyone could have known, had they actually taken the time to study all of the information available without bias.

For example, (Mega-Hawk as VP) Dick Cheney who conveniently forgot what he said as former Defense Secretary during the 1991 Gulf War.

Neocons sought credit for the surge while some on the left are still hoping for war crimes trials... Hardly anybody is happy.

Did We Win?
Audio Embed: Dave Ross, KIRO-FM/Seattle, 9/1/10

Jamaican Sheikdown

The Spaceman Returns

Bill Lee's strange antics and outspoken nature made him a Boston Red Sox legend and one of baseball's great characters. So his fans won't be too surprised to learn that the 63-year-old "Spaceman" will take the mound again this week...For the CanAm League's Brockton (MA) Rox.
Audio Embed: WBUR & NPR's Only A Game Host: Bill Littlefield.

Warren Zevon from Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School (1980).

Downtown Octopus

Petula Clark "Downtown" vs The Beatles "Octopus's Garden" mash-up from
Mark Vidler and Go Home Productions

Doctor Of Now What?

A new report says almost two thirds of student loans at for-profit colleges are not being repaid. The statistic calls into question some for-profit programs' ability to prepare graduates for finding jobs, and the Obama administration has proposed cutting off federal loans to the programs with the worst repayment rates. About two-thirds of students in the class of 2013 said that they were concerned about their ability to pay for college.

Although one measure of an academic program's success is the number of PhDs it turns out, one psychology professor at the University of Kentucky has decided to stop admitting Ph.D. students because there aren't enough jobs waiting for grads to justify the effort & expense of their study.
Does A PhD = A Ponzi Scheme?
Audio Embed: PRI & WNYC's program The Takeaway,
8/19/10, Hosts: Celeste Headlee & Miles O'Brien.


"Hope Springs Eternal" read one post title... Another called it "the best workout shirt ever."
Runnin' Rhino T-Shirt by Allan Faustino from Threadless

Einen Seehafen Kind

Ulrich Schauss, child of the seaport
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In 'n' Out

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Follow The Money To Fox

Rupert Murdoch with Alwaleed bin Talal.
As Fox News suggests a radical Saudi prince is funding the Islamic community center to be built two blocks from Ground Zero in New York, they fail to mention that the same Saudi prince is a major shareholder in Fox News.
They Deceive, You Go Nuts
Audio Embed: BBC, PRI & WBUR's Here & Now 8/31/10,
Host: Robin Young.

Dry Runs

Why tape a cell phone to a bottle of Pepto?
Roaming nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.
Yeah... Explosive Diarrhea. That's It.
Audio Embed: Dave Ross, KIRO-FM/Seattle, 8/31/10.

Combatting Islamophobia


Running On Empty

Video: MSNBC

Back To The Saddle Seat

Kids take to the streets of Old Town in Ft. Collins CO
Bicycling Magazine says return to riding.
Get Fit, Have Fun
Audio Embed: BBC, PRI & WBUR's Here & Now 8/31/10,
Host: Robin Young.

Martin Mull - Men

With video from A&E's "Hornblower," by iRat13

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Faith, Dopes and Charity
Audio Embed: Dave Ross, KIRO-FM/Seattle, 8/30/10.
So what did Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally this weekend mean to those who were there, and is it a new religious movement?

The Takeaway spoke to Dr. Alveda King, MLK's niece, about her speech and the new religious tenor in the Tea Party movement... And to Karen West, among the thousands of Beck fans who attended.
What was that about?
Audio Embed: PRI & WNYC's program The Takeaway 8/30/10,
Hosts John Hockenberry & Celeste Headlee.

Video: CBS 8/28/10.

Question Everything

From JustWhatever

Monday, August 30, 2010

And The Winners Are

Slideshow from NBC's Emmy Broadcast

14 Outstanding Emmy Awards Moments from The Daily Beast.

Choose Your Ride

A choice presented on DailyPicDump
A recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study showed as many as eight percent of all drivers have driven drunk during the past year and highlighted the need for more enforcement and education about the consequences.

Tiger Tale

They're Called "Wild Animals" For
Some Really Good Reasons

Berger & Prescott, podcast via Facebook.

Test Bias (NSFW)

Video: The Onion -- Are Tests Biased Against Students Who Don't Give A Shit?

Paper Cuts

Amazing paper cut illustrations by Uruguayan artist Ana Bidart.

Palomas de la Esperanza

Doves of Hope

On the world stage, rescue workers in Chile communicate with the 33 trapped miners via a narrow passageway carved through nearly half a mile of rock and soil. Relief supplies are sent down in narrow, 5-foot-long parcels nicknamed "doves," which also carry handwritten letters between miners & loved ones, who they may not see for months.
Audio Embed: Weekend Edition Saturday 8/28/10,
Reporter: Annie Murphy.

On Wednesday I'd gotten an email from her expectant Mom... Sweating out the final days in good spirits and hoping to be patient during her first delivery sometime over the weekend... The baby girl came Thursday afternoon, but the delivery didn't go well.

Three generations of family were ready for the everyday miracle of new life... But nobody was ready for the scariest letters among hospital acronyms: NICU (Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit).

When I first held her Dad in my arms, I told him his Grandfather would have loved to meet him... It's still something I hope to say to our new baby girl... Script slightly modified to reflect the absence of her Grandmother, my late sister.

But before I can, we'll need something a little higher on the scale than an everyday miracle... And from those who can't be there in person, there are metaphorical hands on shoulders & doves of hope carrying thoughts & prayers toward a home, a hospital & the heavens.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

While We Were Out

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Not a Cat Lover


Tails Of The Sea

Audio Embed: A story from Nate DiMeo of The Memory Palace.

I Am Afraid

Won't the real Slim Shady please calm down?

Song Fu

Song Fu is an Internet contest run by Quick Stop Entertainment... Think of it in contrast to manufactured TV talent contests, designed to shine a light on the quirky, quixotic underworld of musicians that don’t get nearly the attention they deserve.

Like a songwriting version of Iron Chef, the competitors were presented with a very specific songwriting challenge with one week to complete their songs - however they see fit, within the parameters set forth - after which time the entries were uploaded and voted on by the readers.

In the round that ended July 31st, the final task was to completely reimagine David Bowie's "Space Oddity" -- while retaining the same basic “story points” - spaceman goes up, spaceman talks with control, spaceman goes for a walk, spaceman disappears - and at least some sonic “cue” or “quote” from the original tune (a short phrase or series of chord changes; the key word here is “brief”).

Coulton, altered the species and told the story from the point of view of Laika, the dog aboard the Soviet's 2nd Sputnik launch that caused the mission to be called "Muttnik" in the Western press.
Jonathan Coulton -
"Space Doggity" [3:26m]

Download: Jonathan Coulton - "Space Doggity"
MacDougall chose to stick with a human passenger anticipating an untethered spacewalk with more direct quotes from the original but kept the entire narrative perspective with Major Tom.
Jeff MacDougall -
"High" [3:28m]

Download: Jeff MacDougall - "High"

Curious about the voting results? Click here!