Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Week

Geist Goes Ga Ga

Osama Goes First Class

Babies Just Go

Where's Bill??? from Marketplace on Vimeo.

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Goodbye Griffey

Commentary from Dave Ross KIRO-FM/Seattle

Gooodbye Gulf

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Crude & Unusual 6/3/10
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Cheesey Victories

Subway Caves

The response time was a little slow, but Subway has finally grasped the wisdom of this 2007 open letter from Left-Handed Toons.

The Consumerist blog intercepted proof that the sandwich chain listened to its customers and will start tessellating cheese on its sandwiches, according to what appears to be an internal weekly newsletter.

Gloucester Rolls

Soccer may be England's most popular sporting creation, but it's not the only one. Brave Brits risk bodily harm to keep a tradition alive.
Audio Embed: WBUR & NPR's Only A Game 6/4/10, Host: Bill Littlefield.


An Apple affinity test from The Next Web.

Kids These Days

Cartoon: Victor A. via the late

Russell Brand

What the Beck?

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Glenn Beck Airs Israeli Raid Footage 6/3/10
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Wild vs Wine

The directions are in 3 languages. The warning in one. People who speak Zulu and Afrikaans already know better... Expanding vineyards in South Africa have consumed the traditional feeding grounds of wild baboons, who in turn are consuming wine grapes as a new favorite food.
Audio Embed: BBC, PRI & WGBH's The World 6/3/10, Reporter: Laura Lynch.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Slime Time

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The Spilling Fields 6/1/10
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Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee's unorthodox childhood and life certainly inform her comedy, and served as material for her new memoir I know I am, but what are you? It's a collection of vignettes about stepmothers, sex ed, and grand theft auto.

Kindle uses one kind of format for electronic books. iPad uses another. And at a big trade show for publishers, there was a call for a universal standard format for electronic books. It's more like competing standards for VCR tape than the cooperation that launched CDs... But no doubt, how people read is changing.

The Takeaway 6/3/10,
Hosts: Celeste Headlee
& John Hockenberry.

Future Tense 6/2/10,
Host: John Moe.

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& American Public Media
Modern Fable

Cartoon via The Next Web

Mock Mars Mission

AP, 6/3/10
An international team of researchers in Russia on Thursday began a grueling simulation of a flight to Mars that will keep them locked in a cascade of windowless modules for 520 days — the amount of time required for a journey to the Red Planet and back to Earth.

While the experiment, conducted jointly by Russia, China and the European Space Agency, will not involve weightlessness, it will try to tackle some of the psychological challenges of a real flight to Mars — particularly the stress, claustrophobia and fatigue that a real space crew would face during interplanetary travel.

The six-member, all-male crew — consisting of three Russians, a Frenchman, an Italian-Colombian and a Chinese — expressed confidence that their mission would be a success.

Economic Culture War

Video embed: The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Arthur Brooks Unedited Interview - 6/1/10
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AEI is a conservative think tank right in the middle of the deregulation generation... When President Obama criticizes Republicans for having only two ideas (fewer rules for business, tax cuts for the rich), AEI is also in the crosshairs as proponents of the same strategy.

As long as corporations are responsible only to shareholders' greed, there really is no such thing as self control or social conscience.


Lewis Caroll's writings inspired more in rock 'n' roll than just the Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. For example: the Jabberwocky inspired band called Frumious Bandersnatch. And in 1970, the first of four Bandersnatch alums became part of the Steve Miller Band.

Bobby Winkleman's combination of children's song, Christmas carol & 60's psychedelia starts this quick trip into classic rock.
Steve Miller Band
Good Morning
Number 5 (1970)

Led Zeppelin
Nobodys Fault But Mine
Presence (1976)

Dragon Attack
The Game (1980)

Used to Bad News
Don't Look Back (1978)


A bottle opener concept from Studio Psyho industrial & web design.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Survival Strategies

News from the War on Cancer

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Johnny Baseball

Musical Re-Imagines Bambino’s Curse

Red Sox fans in the new musical "Johnny Baseball"
(Marcus Stern/American Repertory Theater)

A concept born before the Red Sox "reverse the curse" World Series victory in 2004, takes to the stage for its 2010 home opener.

Audio embed:
Reporter: Bon Oakes
Producer: Lisa Tobin
WBUR/Boston, 6/2/10


Imperfect Game

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First Responders

The first people to respond to the attempted bombing in Times Square were firefighters from FDNY's Engine 54. The firefighters credit their counterterrorism training since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, for making them much more aware of possible terrorist strikes. Fire departments across the country are starting to train their firefighters not just to fight fires but to fight terrorism, too.
Audio Embed: NPR's Morning Edition 6/1/10, Reporter: Dina Temple-Raston.
Photo: Murray / NY Daily News

Tarred & Feathered

A ban on wearing chicken suits to the polls implemented by the registrar of voters for the Reno area has been upheld by Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, who said "Campaigning for or against a candidate within 100 feet of the polls is prohibited so that we can run the election free of distractions."

Too late for that!

Sue Lowden, a one-time front runner among non-Tea Party types, actually disbanded a convention during her tenure as Republican State Chairperson rather than let Ron Paul win a straw poll. So even if she wins her nomination battle the TP folks may not support her.

In the final days before the primary on Tuesday, Lowden's running attack ads against other Republicans, including one trying to associate the Tea Party favorite with the Church of Scientology and plans to offer massages to prison inmates.

Things are looking better for Harry Reid all the time.

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Domain Name Game

It's hard to be master of your domain... Just ask the cast of Seinfeld, or anyone who's tried to register a name only to find it's already taken by the internet equivalent of land speculators.

Audio Embed: APM's
Marketplace 6/1/10,
Reporter: Cash Peters.

Catching Some Rays

Evan Longoria & Eva Longoria

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't Call It A Spill

It's An Eruption

Audio Embed: CBS Radio's Osgood File 6/1/10.

It's A Reason To Seize

It's A Failed Science Experiment

It's A Crime, or Two... Thousand

It's The End of BP

It's The End, Period

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At Home With The Hawks

A family of Red-tailed Hawks have built a nest atop an office building along a busy four lane road outside Boston. Robin Young stopped by Monday as a crowd of bird watchers checked in on the family- parents Buzz, Ruby and their young- Lucky, Lucy and Larry. Larry took his first flight Monday morning, but later in the afternoon slammed into the glass side of a building, though he’s now reportedly doing alright.
Audio Embed: BBC, PRI & WBUR's Here & Now 6/1/10.
Photo: Ernie Sarro for Medford Wildlife Watch


It's a condition which displays a difference in coloration, usually of the eye. And it's not just pets, but people. For example:

Kate Bosworth

brown (right) & blue (left)

Jane Seymour

brown (right) & green (left)

Mischa Barton?

gray (right) & blue (left)

Not so fast! Whether it's a trick of the light or just a trick, period, another shot from the same session shows Mischa matches.

Kung Fu Fighting

Non-Panda Bear

Video embed: ITN via YouTube

Spin Doctors vs Carl Douglas

Music video embed: "Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors and Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting" mixed in a mashup by "Pitski" and "DJ Basta," de ftom Nederland.
An mp3 is available for download... Just go ahead now!

Say Cheese & Smile!

Don't Let The DMV Defeat You

An award winning short film, written and directed Kurt Kuenne...
Starring TJ Thyne from Bones and Vicki Davis.

Long Way Home

U.S. Routes that end in "0" are supposed to go from coast to coast. But not all do. To travel the 2,760 mile length of US 60 eastbound, all the way to Virginia Beach, you have to begin southwest of Brenda, AZ... East of Quartzsite and the Plomosa Mountains.

Even with signs, it's easy to get lost in this place called America.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Fillmore East, New York City, 6/6/1970

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going Commando

Video embeds: CBS & CNN

The attack has dealt an immediate and very public setback to Israeli-Turkish relations. But Henri Barkey, visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, explains relations between the two countries have deteriorated in recent years.
Audio Embed: NPR's All Things Considered 5/31/10, Anchor: Melissa Block.


Video embed: CNN

Video embed: Agence France Presse via YouTube

Now use him to mop up!


Chris Harrison on the pack chasing Ali.

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Space Is The (Crowded) Place

Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

Victoria Samson of the Secure World Foundation explains hundreds of thousands of pieces of obsolete space junk inhabit low earth orbit posing a near constant danger of collisions with military and communications satellites.
Audio Embed: NPR's All Things Considered 5/29/10, Host: Guy Raz.

1974 performance of Frank Zappa & Company via YouTube.

Spliced Jeans

An Idea Too Good For A Limited Edition

These WTFjeans feature an additional gadget pocket in the front, with hidden compartment for USB flash drive. The pocket is lined with screen protecting micro-fiber and sized for an iPhone to fit. The last batch of 500 went on sale 5/31, priced at about $134.

Ears On Empty

Searching For Signals

SETI - the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence - is now 50 years old. And so far, they’ve discovered - nothing. Not a beep, not a sound, not a tweet. Absolutely nothing. So does that mean that there is no intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? Or have we just been looking in the wrong places, using the wrong tools, and making some bad assumptions about alien intelligence?
Audio Embed: CBC Radio's Quirks & Quarks 5/29/10, Host: Bob McDonald.
A Moment of Wow

Think we've never heard from an alien? A radio transmission recorded in Ohio and translated into six little numbers and letters suggests there's a chance we have.
Audio Embed: Weekend Edition Saturday 5/29/10, Reporter: Robert Krulwich.
Searching For Silence

George Michelsen Foy went in search of peace and quiet after being surrounded by overbearing noise in a New York City subway station. His journey: “Zero Decibels: The Quest for Absolute Silence.”
Audio Embed: BBC, PRI & WBUR's Here & Now 5/28/10, Host: Robin Young.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

The American military death toll in Afghanistan has reached 1,000 and the number of US troops in Afghanistan has now surpassed the total in Iraq. The grim milestone comes midway between President Obama’s decision last December to send 30,000 more American troops to Afghanistan and a progress report on the war that he has promised by the end of the year. Reporter Ben Gilbert is embedded with an Army unit currently deployed in Eastern Afghanistan.
Audio Embed: BBC, PRI & WGBH's The World, 5/28/10.

Video embed: CBS