Saturday, January 23, 2010

Washed Up

It's over... For now.

Late Night War

Ironically Conan's NBC departure date was already significant to the network... Laugh In debuted on the same date in 1968.

He never quite got it right, did he?

Barack Attack

Can Populist Anger At Washington Be Redirected Toward New York?

So who's your Bogeyman, and their despicable HQ Bogeycity?

Fat cat Washington politicians who are all on the take, greedy gambling over-bonused Wall Street bankers who stole your home's equity, Houston's oily bastards who'd raise prices until all you Yankee scum froze in the dark, liberal San Francisco homos and their Pelosi-electing agenda, the LA Rapists (aka Lakers) and their fans who spend more than you make in a month for for one night at courtside with Jack, or those holier-than-crap Salt Lakers with their missionaries wearing bike helmets and magic f-ing underwear?

Whoa!!! Time out.

To paraphrase Sara Lee, nobody doesn't like someone, or at least somewhere. Easily exploited Ignorance and Fear mostly, but IF is a big part of life... Half the word, in fact, and right in the middle, too.

Erin Burnett began her career in 1998 as an analyst for investment bankers Goldman Sachs. If your opinion just now changed away from she's bright and good looking, commence hating.

A Different Enemy

Oh yeah?

For Rainy SoCal

Performed on "Live from Abbey Road" a 12-part, one-hour performance series/documentary, on Channel 4 in the UK in the 2006 season.

See It All

The entire "Get A Mac" campaign to date... Adweek assembled all 66 spots with John Hodgman and Justin Long. Click any picture to start.