Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looney Tunes

Is Beck Too Crazy... Even For Fox?

As news broke that Fox News and Glenn Beck will be parting ways, at least in terms of his daily FNC show, mid day anchor Megyn Kelly slyly joked to Bret Baier: ‘I hear there may be a chalkboard becoming available.’

On Tuesday, Beck repeated his familiar mantra (the “Insurrection” is coming, his viewers need to prepare for dark times). He blamed the same groups (unions, Communists, Socialists, Islamists). He showed clips from the same people (Frances Fox Piven, Van Jones). And then, he tied it all to an arch-villain (liberal campaign funder George Soros).

After that, he asked his audience, “It's really getting boring, isn’t it?”

Fox executives Roger Ailes and/or Rupert Murdoch answered: "Yes."
"(This) is a great moment for the collective intelligence of American discourse."
-- Keth Olbermann, former cable competitor, 4/6/11

Now who will urge the paranoid to hoard guns, gold and groceries?

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