Monday, February 28, 2011

Governor Grinch

Despite union acquiescence to increased health & pension deductions, Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker still insists that limits on collective bargaining are vital to erasing the state's budget troubles.

Former Michigan Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm, who went through far worse in her term, talks about the political fallout from Wisconsin and Scott Walker choosing a ‘lazy way to govern.’

Union Battles: A 'National Campaign' Against Labor?

Demonstrations have spread across the country to combat, or preempt, what government union members see as as a co-ordinated effort by (mostly like-minded Republican) governors to make the workers the bad guys in states where the economy sucks, federal stimulus money diverted into payrolls is long gone and local politicos are frantic for someone else to blame for busted budgets.
Fact Checking Conflicting Claims
Audio Embed: Weekend Edition Sunday 2/27/11,
Reporter: David Schaper

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