Saturday, January 29, 2011

Anchor Babes

Fox "news model"/“America Live” anchor Megyn Kelly was featured in the December 2010 issue of GQ showing substantial skin along with whatever else she revealed to interviewer Greg Veis.

Does her appearance gain more or less viewer attention?

Two Indiana University researchers have tested nearly 400 male participants to find out how the attractiveness of a female news anchor affects the response from men in the audience. They found that the men remembered substantially less of the editorial content the “sexier” the anchor was... Diminishing returns after the schwing!

Women watching the same videos, seemed to retain equal amounts of information, but no testing was done with hunky anchor-dudes.

Jill Dobson is a former Miss USA competitor with a masters in Journalism from Michigan State. She's worked for Fox before, and was a current contributor to CNN Headline News and the CBS Early Show when she accepted an acting job to play entertainment correspondent Madison Daly on the Onion News Network which premiered on the Independent Film Channel 1/21/11.

To the Onion, an actual journalist pretending to be a fake one is one of their secret weapons. To Dobson, it's a career move...

As she told the Kalamazoo Gazette:
"I certainly feel it’s a step in the right direction for my career … this fits my personality a little more."
She's not alone. The ONN has hired other TV news vets for their take-off with all the journalists on the new show playing fictionalized characters instead of themselves.

Melissa Theuriau didn't make the choice to become famous as the face that launched a thousand Internet scams... Her screen caps from French TV have been recycled for dubious and/or illicit purposes.

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