Thursday, March 10, 2011

King of the Hill

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia?

What do you do about a Congressman who believes that Muslim Americans should be investigated for failing to denounce terrorist organizations, when the Congressman (Peter King, R-NY) has his own history of openly supporting terrorism by the Irish Republican Army?

Blame Moderate Whites For Supremacists Too?

Rep. King has a long history interacting with Muslims who live in his Long Island district and some say his relationship with the Muslim community changed drastically after 9/11.

Robert Kolker, Contributing Editor for New York Magazine, wrote an article this week on the Congressman's relationship with Muslims.

Dr. Faroque Khan, former chief of medicine at Nassau Medical Center and member of the board of trustees at the Long Island Islamic Center was one such friend and supporter King abandoned.
Peter King's History With Muslims
Audio Embed: PRI & WNYC's program The Takeaway, Hosts: Celeste Headlee & John Hockenberry.

Investigate Al Cattah!

Whiskers blew himself up in a crowded dog park, 5/08.

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