Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who's Willing, For How Long?

Mixed Messages From the Arab League

Fragile & Fractious Fighters

Audio Embed: Dave Ross, KIRO-FM/Seattle, 3/22/11
An Italian Air Force "Typhoon" fighter at take off.

NATO Ambassadors met at HQ in Brussels Wednesday after failing to agree on a role for NATO in the military campaign in Libya, as the U.S. seeks to step back from its commanding role... U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates held meetings in Moscow, where his Russian counterpart is calling for an immediate ceasefire in Libya.

Russia had a chance to block the U.N. resolution with a Security Council veto, but chose not to vote... Now Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has likened the campaign to a medieval crusade.

Will Libya break up “the tandem” with President Dmitry Medvedev?

Can Christopher Dickey of Newsweek sort it out?
Don't Fumble The Hand Off!
Audio Embed: BBC, PRI & WBUR's Here & Now 3/22/11,
Host: Robin Young.

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