Friday, February 25, 2011

Dark Matter Mysteries

Scientists try to shed some light on the invisible stuff out there.

From Nova Science Now on PBS (2008)

Dark Matter, thought to represent more than 3/4 of the matter in the universe, has never been seen or felt, since it is invisible and doesn't interact with normal matter. Its presence has only been inferred from the gravitation pull it seems to exert.

But does it have anything to do with a glow of radiation at the center of our galaxy?
Dark Matter Detection?
Audio Embed: CBC Radio's Quirks & Quarks 2/12/11,
Host: Bob McDonald.

Alternative Theory

A new study of gaseous galaxies provides evidence for dark matter theory's competitor, which suggests gravity is a changeable force.

Question: If so much of an explanation relies on speculations about the unseen and unprovable, at what point do you cross a boundary between science and superstition?

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