Sunday, February 20, 2011

On-Air Scare

The viral video of KCBS reporter Serene Branson having what many speculated to be a stroke, turned out to be a compound migraine. Branson spoke with Rebecca Jarvis on what she has learned since that frightening night... Not the way she wanted to make a national debut.

"Stroke" describes two kinds of interruptions to brain blood flow:
  1. Hemorrhagic, a bleed from a broken blood vessel, or
  2. Ischemic, a blockage... Like those in the following studies.
One study (published 11/2/10 in the journal Neurology) found that people with stroke admitted to the hospital on a weekend are more likely to die than their counterparts who are admitted on a weekday, even after adjustment for stroke severity and other complicating factors. Author Jiming Fang was puzzled: "We did not find any significant differences in stroke care on weekends compared to weekdays." A similar study from 2007 found similar outcomes, which is problematic because another study from 1996 documented an increased risk for young women on weekends and holidays.

Accidental Seizure

Feds mistakenly kill 84,000 domains in kiddie porn clamp down.

Remember this story the next time you need to explain an accidental click and subsequent dicey web site to anyone who can ruin your life.

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