Saturday, February 19, 2011

Did It Leak or Spill?

Coke's Top Secret Formula Revealed?

This American Life radio host Ira Glass claims he found the recipe in a 1979 Atlanta Journal-Constitution article: but is it "The Real Thing?"

Earlier this week, the Center For Science In The Public Interest petitioned the FDA to ban two forms of caramel coloring, claiming that the ammonia and sulfites used in the creation of the products results in allegedly carcinogenic chemicals making their way into the resulting food and drink.

Notice the allegation said two chemical carcinogens.

The American Beverage Association, beyond complaining about an "advocacy group long-dedicated to attacking" their industry, chose to respond in regard to only one. They conceded that a chemical known as 4-methylimidazole [4-MEI] is a result of processing the caramel colorings in question, but firmly denied the CSPI's allegations about it.

The problem is both the ABA and CSPI reference the same source to to back up their claims... A National Institutes of Health's National Toxicology Program study, which reports there is "clear evidence" that both 4-MEI and 2-MEI caused lung, liver and thyroid cancer or leukemia in mice & lab rats... That doesn't support the ABA soda-makers' semi-denial argument, or feel like both sides can be right.

A comment on The Consumerist says it all:
Activist group "X chemical causes cancer."

Supplier "X does not cause cancer!."

We need us a good old fashioned impartial investigation.

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