Monday, February 14, 2011

Remember Slowly

He had a list, but wasn't sure what to call it anymore...
Wasn't too sure about what anyone who made the cut would feel about being on it either.

Colleen, Ann Marie, Stephanie, Jeanette, Betsy, Brenda, Terri, Joyce, Lonna, Deirdre, Rene, Ellen, Shannon, Nancy, Kelly, Kitty, Holly, Susan, Judy, Valerie, Cindy, Ann, Tracy, Toni, Rebecca, Laura, Emily, Nikki, Nancy, Lisa, Angela, Dee, Sally and Vicki.

Only a few knew each other. Fewer still knew about each other, or ever heard someone else's name in a way that suggested "another."

He was private. Compartmentalized. Never felt for anyone else while involved. No affairs, or infidelity from his serial whatever it was...
He wouldn't describe it as casual, because it was damn intense while happening... But never got to a point where he thought "this is it."

That started early. Colleen moved away the same weekend they first kissed; playing spin the bottle at Michelle's basement birthday party... He learned to totally immerse in now, and not to believe in forever.

And one day a year he gets reminded of the damage, by everything.

Aimee Mann - "Save Me" - Magnolia (1999)


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