Sunday, February 13, 2011


In a film career spanning the best part of five decades, this director, writer and actor survived his friendship with Burt Reynolds and even having my office just down the hall from his own in the early 80's.

But Hal Needham's main claim to fame was as Hollywood's highest paid stuntman. And to be #1 he had to break the land speed record, and 56 bones... Fortunately not all at the same time.

Read all about it in "Stuntman!: My Car-Crashing, Plane-Jumping, Bone-Breaking, Death-Defying Hollywood Life."
Lights, Camera, Action, Splat!
Audio Embed: WBUR & NPR's Only A Game 2/12/11,
Host: Bill Littlefield. Read an excerpt.

British comedian Marty Feldman's version

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