Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scene Stealer

Gregor the Russian billionaire (aka "Czar of Opulence") might consider DirecTV to be his ultimate evidence of conspicuous wealth, but reaction to the "Opulence" and "Epic Win" ads from Grey New York, indicates the real star of the campaign is his miniature giraffe.

And now you can "reserve your own," watch a "critter cam" or browse still photos at PetiteLapGiraffe.com. The site created for the (fake) Sokoblovsky Farms, "Russia's finest purveyor of PLG's," by Grey/NY advertising (with special effects by The Mill) takes an seemingly random, but awesome, detail from the TV campaign and runs with it.

Get a glimpse into the Opulent life. Gregor loves his riches - gold remotes, Van Gogh paintings, stunning models and pygmy giraffe.

Inside Gregor's gym of opulence, outfitted with solid gold fitness gear, even his beloved pygmy giraffe must stay fit on the treadmill.

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